If you are a consumer


B.Transfer Bitcoin or ethereum to any of your Mundus accounts

C.Buy anything.

If you are a real business owner


B.Scan QR code to receive payments

If you are an internet business owner

A.Apply for API

B.Receive payments


Easy Pay and Easy Get!

Profits Sharing

Profits shared to every Mundus Coin Holder, The more Mundus Coin you have,the more profits you get!

High purchase rewards

All types of Internet business can connect with our APIs

Cooperation with International Card issuers like VISA or MASTER

Profits generated from transation.

Profit rasing

Mundus shares profits with Mundus Coins Holders

0% of fees for spending and sending

Borderless payments in an instant



Easy payment

Email or cell phone number can be used as blockchain wallet as well, not only a long and lengthy codes!

Easy withdraw

from ATMs all over the world

Easy purchasing

Shops in store on the planet

Immediate transaction

No waiting!

One Mundus Wallet

For all cryptocurrency and blockchain assets!

NFC payment

Apple Pay.Android Pay supported

Hardware wallet

Hardware wallet for offline assets

Daily limitation

No worries for losing phone with daily purchase limitation


Secure API fo business owners

Complete solution

Shopping heavens based on cryptocurrency and blockchain structure

Multiple ways in payments

For anyone with smart device

Free tools

Free shops for all small business online and offline

Business connecting with Mundus

ICO timelines

1 5000BTC: WEB app/E-commerce/API
1 10000BTC: APP/QR Code
1 15000BTC: POS system
1 20000BTC: Mundus Card issuing, NFC support

ICO progress